Part 6

Bullbar & Underbody Protection for the LC 200 Series — RIG BUILDS [6 of 9]

If there is ever a vehicle that needs some serious armour, it’s Jase’s new LC 200! Today is all about installing the frontal protection and frontal underbody protection for the 200 Series.

In this video:

  • Jase explains why it’s so important to have both of these types of protection on the vehicles he uses, especially because of the places he goes and the obstacles he has to overcome.
  • Jase runs through all of the items that are mounted to the bullbar, including lights (lightbar and spotlights), UHF, mobile phone booster aerials and more.
  • The bullbar needs to account for the ALL-TIME RedWinch with air brakes and air free spool, which Jase explains that he is relying more heavily on these days due to the loads he is carrying.