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At camp we use

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  • Clearview Pantry kitchen


▸ Camping & cooking utensils
▸ Pro:Nano X2 Cooking System
▸ Wanderer camp chairs

All 4 Adventure by CampBoss

  • All 4 Adventure Camp Chair
  • All 4 Adventure Cooker
  • All 4 Adventure 16-piece cutlery set
  • All 4 Adventure Enamel Dinner Set
    (Available at BCF)


  • CrossTrak outdoor kitchen

Words from Jase


The Jayco CrossTrak helps to make mealtime a breeze with an outdoor kitchen that feels like you’re still at home.


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The RedArc Solar Blanket makes it incredibly easy to charge up the batteries while we’re away from the trucks exploring. They are UV resistant and have a self-cleaning, non-stick surface which makes it reliable and efficient. It’s also compact and weighs a third of an equivalent glass solar kit.

CampBoss® Camping Gear

TONIC Eyewear

Tonic Sunglasses: shop here

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Tonic Eyewear

Tonic Polarised Eyewear are great for driving offroad to cut through the glare to see where you’re going and prevents eye strain on those long drives.

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