Part 3

LC 200 installation of electrics, wiring & air systems — RIG BUILDS [3 of 9]

This rig has an INSANE amount of electrics compared to the average vehicle – and there’s a reason for it. Jase runs through the process of planning and fitting out the 200 Series based on his years of experience.

In this video:

  • Jase discusses the importance of not only the systems, but also the placements.
  • The air system is one of the most complicated setups on Jase’s new 200 – Jase explains what he is going to be running with it and how he wants it set up (he has some ALL-TIME ideas on how to rig up the ClearView Tyre Spider).
  • How the water pumps, internal and external lighting, overhead console, UHF, camera systems, airbag dials, winch buttons, towing systems and more are setup and powered.
  • Jase provides a rundown of the REDARC Redvision.