Part 4

Fitting out the LC 200 Canopy + Roof-racks and Lightbars — RIG BUILDS [4 of 9]

The canopy structure is finalised, so now it’s time to install some extra bits of gear inside the canopy of the LC 200 to get this rig ready to head somewhere off the beaten track.

In this video:

  • Jase inspects the electronics that have been recessed, and reveals some recent additions such as a mobile phone booster.
  • The team reveal the INSANE ClearView Tyre Spider setup that has been plumbed up to twin compressors.
  • Jase explains why he started using the upright fridge in his canopies years ago, and why he continues to use it in this 200 series build whilst Simon prefers to run the Clearview EasySlide kitchen setup instead.
  • Jase and Jake run through the new Rhino-Rack platform and fit it (with lightbars) to the LC 200.