Jase’s Truck

Jase Truck - Landcruiser 200 Series

Jase’s truck is fitted by

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  • Power Boards
  • NEW Powerfold Towing Mirrors V2
  • NEW Tyre Spider (plumbed into the car)


Words from Jase

Clearview Mirrors

There’s no way I’d feel safe towing the loads that we tow without my Clearviews. The top mirror is a flat surface with a large face for accurate reflection and distance perspective, and the lower mirror is convex to give a wider view for towing and highway driving. With the 7.2-metre big boat, the Clearview Mirrors are essential for towing.


  • XTM Compressor
  • XTM 9″ Driving lights
  • XTM 7″ Driving lights
  • NEW 3x XTM Slimline light bars
  • Rod holders


  • All New Pioneer Platform Roof Rack with Backbone Mounting System
  • Sunseeker 2.5m Awning
  • Batwing Awning
  • Spade
  • NEW Stow-It Accessory Holder

Words from Jase


For the last 5 years, we have been using Rhino Rack Pioneer roof racks for their strength in rooftop storage. These guys are a family-owned company that have been around now for 25 years. They have a huge range of attachments and accessories, such as the Batwing and Sunseeker awnings that we use and the rack-mounted shovels help get us out of the bogs we get ourselves into.


Words from Jase


When you spend a lot of time camping in the bush, where there is no 240 power to plug into, it’s nice to have a good 12volt system in place. REDARC have a great range of products that handle all our 12 volts needs.

Outback Armour

  • Front adjustable internal bypass struts 65mm twin tube foam cell
  • Front Expedition HD coil springs
  • Front jounce Stop kit (progressive rate bump stop replacement)
  • Rear adjustable internal bypass HD coil-over shock absorbers 65mm twin tube foam cell
  • Rear Expedition XHD coil springs
  • Rear jounce stop kit (progressive bump stop replacement)
  • Rear HD sway bar and extended sway bar link
  • Diff drop kit


  • All 4 Adventure canopy package for LC200
  • Deluxe canopy tray base


  • CoolMatic CRX110 upright fridge/freezer
  • NEW CFX3 45L Portable Fridge Freezer

Words from Jase


This year I have the Waeco CRX110 upright fridge/freezer in the canopy. This has enabled us to carry more food on the adventures where we venture further from the supermarkets than ever before. They are easy to power and are truly reliable.


  • EVC Throttle Controller


  • UHF radio UH9080
  • ATX970 antenna
  • Dash View 30

Words from Jase


For Series 10, we’re using Uniden for our communications with their in-car and handheld UHFs. These systems are vital for the places that we go. When off the beaten track and during recovery situations, good communication is vital. The Uniden systems impressed me with their clarity and range, two of the most important elements to consider when buying a UHF.

CampBoss 4x4

Creative Conversions

  • Dual-cab conversion with 650mm chassis extension
  • 4495KG GVM upgrade
  • 4.2T Towing Upgrade
  • Fitting of accessories and other components


  • 2 sets Xtreme Maxtrax

Words from Jase


We would still be stuck in some of the wettest bogs if it hadn’t been for our MAXTRAX Xtremes. These lightweight vehicle-recovery devices are easy to carry along and are invaluable to have when you get into a sticky situation.


  • Denim seat covers

Words from Jase


Supafit seat covers are protecting the original upholstery of our vehicles from the grime and dust of those dirt roads. Their seat covers are waterproof, mould resistant, UV stabilised, airbag compatible, and most of all comfortable!

Brown Davis

  • 180L Replacement long-range fuel tank
  • Pre-fuel filter kit
  • Bash plate – underbody protection

Tactical Tourers

  • Electronic and wiring fit out


  • eLockers

McCormacks 4WD

  • Vehicle service & repairs
  • Custom fit-out

Airbag Man

  • Air suspension helper kit

Almac Trailers

  • Boat loader

EC Offroad

  • Large Android display unit in cab
  • Digital Dash Cluster for LC200


  • Air box
  • Tube stainless steel snorkel


  • 2x HERO8
  • Media Mod

Offroad Animal

  • Predator bullbar

PVS Automotive

  • Custom bluetooth steering wheel


  • Intercooler

Red Winch

  • Explorer 2 – front and rear


  • 17″ Vapour rims


  • Custom vinyl wrap

Vogue Industries

  • Custom grille
  • Custom projector HID
  • Wheel flares

Department of the Interior

  • Overhead console


  • Go Repeater Signal Booster

Our Gear