Carson to CREB: Episode 8

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Jase and Simon and their mate Jesse camped up on the side of the CREB track overnight. They’re just a couple of Ks and a few hills away from the end, so they set out while the rain has subsided to try and beat the next weather front.

The day starts with a little wooden bridge before the first big hill. Jesse heads up first and drives the Chevy like he stole it. Jase follows in the 300, and Simon makes it up in the D-MAX. They’ve got one big super-hill to go, but they’re optimistic since all the vehicles have 4-wheel drive this time. (Check out Unleashed 1.1 ‘A DIFF-icult Start’ to see their attempt in 2-wheel drive!)

At the muddy creek, they can see the effects of yesterday’s rain. And when the track goes down into a water crossing, there is inevitably an incline on the other side to challenge these drivers.

Up ahead is the same hill where Simon blew his tail-shaft the last time they were here. A new one had to be choppered in, and that’s a huge expense that Jase would be keen to avoid this time. At there top, there’s a new type of carnage to deal with on the camera car. Just when the end is in sight, it’s time to pull out the tools and slip around in the mud for a bit of bush mechanics.

They continue forward, and despite the slippery surface, the trucks are getting traction on the hills giving them confidence as they head into the final climb.

Jesse is in the lead as they begin the final descent. There has been a brief shower making the track look a bit slippy, so he approaches with caution. But disaster strikes when he loses traction and gravity gets ahold of that heavy vehicle. Will this spell the end of All 4 Adventure? It’s going to take all their recovery gear to get out of this one!

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