The MU-X


The MU-X is fitted by

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▸ Power Boards – powered side steps
▸ Power-fold Towing mirrors
▸ EasySlide fridge slide
▸ Clearview tray
▸ Cable saver

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Clearview EasySlide

The Clearview Easyslides are cleverly designed to be compact and convenient leaving plenty of room in the canopy. They come with all the safety features required to keep the fridge secure and your fingers in one piece. It makes it easy to find whatever you’re looking for in the bottom of the fridge or the back of the freezer.


▸ XTM Compressor
▸ XTM LED light bars


▸ Pioneer platform with Backbone mounting system
▸ Batwing awning
▸ Shovel bracket and short-handled shovel
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The new batwing awning from Rhino-Rack makes it easier than ever to get some shade. With a wrap-around design and built in poles, set-up takes no time at all. It’s waterproof and rated UPF 50+, so you’re protected rain or shine.


Manager30 battery management system
Tow-Pro brake controller
1000W Pure Sine AC/DC inverter
120W Rooftop solar panel

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REDARC’s products are an integral part of our set up that we know we can rely on. By using these products in real world environments, we feel we offer REDARC credibility and honest feedback on how the products perform in extreme environments.


▸ CFX-40W portable fridge/freezer

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We like to eat as healthily as we can when away filming and having the CFX-40W in the truck means that our tucker stays fresh.

Outback Armour

▸ Front adjustable Internal Bypass struts 65mm twin tube foam cell
▸ Front Expedition HD coil springs
▸ Front Jounce Stop kit
▸ Rear Performance Series shocks: 60mm twin tube
▸ Rear Expedition coil springs


▸ UH9080 UHF radio
▸ AT970BK Antenna
▸ iGO CAM 60 Smart dash cam

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We’re using Uniden for our communications with in-car and handheld UHFs. With the offroad travel that we do and during recovery situations, good communication is vital. The Uniden systems impressed me with their clarity and range, two of the most important elements to consider when buying a UHF.


▸ 2 sets per vehicle

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We would still be stuck in some of the wettest bogs if it hadn’t been for our MAXTRAX. These lightweight vehicle-recovery devices are easy to carry along and are invaluable to have when you get into a sticky situation.

Tactical Tourers

▸ Electronic and wiring fit out


▸ Denim seat covers

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Supafit seat covers are protecting the original upholstery of our vehicles from the grime and dust of those dirt roads. Their seat covers are waterproof, mould resistant, UV stabilised, airbag compatible, and most of all comfortable!

Brown Davis

▸ 95L Auxiliary long-range fuel tank
▸ Pre-fuel filter kit


▸ 17” Vapour rims


▸ Custom vinyl wrap


▸ HX-1 Navigator

Outback 4wd Interiors

▸ Rear drawers

AirBag Man

▸ Airbag suspension helper kit


▸ eLockers

Our Gear