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Episode 12 - Fitzmaurice River

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In the final episode of this series, Jase and Simon start out with a slithery friend at camp. And Jason shows how to start up a Swedish fire log.

Later Jase cooks up his fanciest pasta dish.

The guys can't be this close to water without putting in a line, and the Fitzmaurice River delivers some fine specimens. With the tinnies, they are able to maneuver their way up through the rock bars to a fishing spot where even Ranger Ian hasn't been.

But it's not just fish on the menu this trip after Ian takes care of some feral pigs and brings back a nice leg of pork. However, the smell of that tasty meat brings around another creature who wouldn't mind a feed, and he gets a little too close for comfort.

On the way back out of the area, Jase's 4x4 gets a little caught up in the soggy black soil plains, and they show a recovery with a longer rope and pulley block.

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