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Episode 10 - Little Eva

This week on All 4 Adventure...

Jase and Simon arrive back on the mainland, but only for a moment before they take to the skies to go out for a spot of heli-fishing.

They haven't given up their goal to conquer the road to Little Eva, so it's time to put their master plan into action by dropping off a secret weapon in Mt. Isa for a little tune-up.

In the meantime, the boys visit the Mareeba Museum to find out a little bit more about the trek they're dealing with.

Finally it's time to give Little Eva another crack. Will they make it this time or have to come back again next year?

What was your favourite moment from The Rugged North? What spots have made it to your bucket list? Let us know on Facebook!

The Beck Museum

5351 Kennedy Highway
Mareeba, Queensland
Phone: (07) 4092 3979
Website: facebook.com/pages/The-Beck-Museum

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this season possible!

See you somewhere off the beaten track!

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