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Episode 1 - Fitzroy Barrage to Horizontal Waterfalls

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The Rugged North starts off with our fearless adventurers, Jase and Simon, in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. They head to Fitzroy Barrage to drop their fishing lines, and it doesn’t take long before Simon catches the first Barra of the trip.

They hit some mud on the way to Derby and decide that it’s not always smart to stick with the four-wheel driver’s rule of staying on the track.

Jase and Simon then set out on a 10-day sea journey, stopping first in the Edeline Islands to track down some 19th century Japanese pearl divers’ graves. They push on for Adele Island where they wet the lines and take in the sights of a rookery of nesting Booby Birds. After that, it’s all action as they tackle the Horizontal Waterfalls – a natural wonder with a 10-metre tide surging through a narrow gorge creating white-water rapids swirling with up-currents and whirlpools. You won’t want to miss Jase and Simon’s treacherous ride through it.

What did you think of the first show? Do you have any stories about obeying (or not obeying) the rule about staying on the track? Have you been to any of the beautiful places in this episode? Share your stories and photos on Facebook!

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